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Electric heating for the packaging industry

When producing packaging material, heating is an important part of the process. Electric heating must therefore be very precise in the packaging industry. A process that is widely used in the packaging industry is thermoforming, also called vacuum forming. Uniform heating is very important. In addition to heating for thermoforms, Heating Group also supplies cartridge heaters for heating sealing beams and stamps.

Electric heating for thermoforming

Thermoforming covers all plastic processing techniques that use heat to deform thermoplastic material. A vacuum is created between the plastic and the shape, with atmospheric pressure providing the required force. The chemical composition of the thermoplastic remains the same.

Incorrect heating or heating that is not very uniform may cause several problems during the process. This allows the thermoform to warp due to the uneven heating of the plastic plate. This is especially a risk in the processing of PE and PP plastics. In addition, it is important that the heating method matches the material choice of the mould. Finally, there may also be several irregularities in the surface structure when the plastic materials are not pre-dried or when forming at too high a temperature.

Choosing a heating solution that is precisely designed for the specific application and temperature control that fits seamlessly with this ensures that the heating of the process is optimized and monitored. This optimal control of temperatures will improve the quality of the finished product. Continuous temperature monitoring can also reduce the cycle time by allowing machines to be set even more precise.

Plastic welding using cartridge heaters

Plastic welding is a widely used technique in the packaging industry. Cartridge heaters are used to create a weld that secures plastic to plastic. Using a cartridge element, a strong connection between the two plastics can be made quickly. A major advantage of this connection is that no chemical additives are used to establish it.

Heating solutions by Heating Group

Heating Group has a wide range of heating solutions. Because we produce our products ourselves, customization is the rule for us rather than the exception. Therefore, in the industry, we are known as the supplier, who can handle the most diverse heating issues. For the packaging industry, we also have a wide range of electric heating. In addition to sound advice, we can make the necessary calculations, design, produce and assemble the desired solution. In our panel building department, the control cabinets are also designed specifically for the customer. This ensures that everything fits together seamlessly and quality is assured.

Would you like to know more about our solutions or are you in need of advice about a heating issue? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!