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Electric heating in pharmacy

Electric heating is frequently used in the pharmacy. Temperature maintenance of the production lines is of great importance in the pharmaceutical industry for the final quality of production. Automated dosing lines must be kept at a constant temperature. The more accurate this control, the more precise the dosage. In addition, components can be mixed with higher quality. Heating Group designs, manufactures and supplies a complete solution for heating and keeping pharmaceutical production lines warm and temperature-adjusted throughout the entire process to ensure optimum production performance.

At Heating Group, various heating products and total solutions are delivered to the pharmaceutical industry, including:

  • Heating elements and flanges for CIP stations (clean in Place)
  • Heating for glass reactor installations
  • Immersion elements
  • Flow heaters
  • Tracing for pipes and tanks

Our maintenance-free heating solutions for the pharmacy are mainly supplied from our own production. This means that we are very flexible. We are specialized in bespoke solutions and can quickly scale up and down.