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Coil heaters

Coil heaters have a length of up to 3000 mm and can be bent into any desired shape. Heating Group coil heaters are round or square and can be bent into their final shape by us or by the user.

There are many applications for coil heaters, for example the plastic and rubber processing industry for heating flat plates, pipes, injection molding heads and hot air (welding) machines.

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The application of coil heaters

In the past years Heating Group International has executed many projects already in the industry, of which multiple with coil heaters. A few examples where Heating Group used coil heaters:

Semiconductor industry, like chip and circuit board producers
Metal processing industry, for example in a blank
Machine building
Textile industry
Laminating processes
Analyzer builders
Health care

Custom made coil heaters

Of course, the product range of Heating Group International can offer multiple solutions for a heating demand. In the examples above, other heating products would have been possible to use also.

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