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Custom made drum heaters

Drum heaters portfolio consists of a large standard range. These are normally always available from stock. But, as you used to from us, we will also of course gladly design a heater specific to your situation.
Explosion safe drum heaters
And, as a specialist in industrial electric heating, Heating Group International also supplies drum heaters in explosion proof design.

HIBC / A Silicone drum heater

The Heating Group International HIBC / A is a silicone heating element for heating IBC containers. The element consists of a high temperature copper nickel resistance wire which is vulcanized between two silicone fiberglass layers.
The HIBC / A is therefore both robust and flexible. The element heats the container from below. They come with a digital controller that connects to the built-in PTC sensor. This makes the HIBC / A very suitable for precise process heating.
These products are mainly used in the cosmetic and food industry (for example for process heating and frost protection of thermally sensitive substances such as glucose and honey).

HIBC / B drum heating

The HIBC / B is the largest standard heating blanket that Heating Group International supplies with a wingspan of up to 4.4 meters.
Naturally, we also supply this product in specific dimensions in project dimensions, which can vary from 1.4 to a maximum of 8 meters.
The HIBC / B has been specially developed for heating 1000L IBC containers. The special design has two separately controlled heating zones (top and bottom) and is therefore ideal for heating liquids.
This drum heating is easy and quick to install by means of a simple hook system.

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