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Infrared heating

Industrial infrared heaters are made of Quartz glass or stainless steel. Quartz glass infrared heaters have a high-power density and van heat up and cool down in just 3 seconds. As a result, no preheating is required and after switching off, the heat emission stops immediately. Infrared heating is a very efficient, safe and cost-effective way of heating.

Technical advice

Infrared heating performances

Infrared heaters can be divided into long, middle long and short wave radiation. It is for us extremely important to know how it is going to be used in order to be able to advise you which type suits your demands best.

Quartz infrared radiation

The Quartz glass infrared heating elements are available as component or ready mounted in a radiation housing with reflector and connection.

These heaters are used for drying of ink in paper and textile industry, but also for the dewatering, spraying and vaporizing liquids to solids.
Infrared radiation precisely adjusted
Infrared heaters can be controlled very accurately and can be used for very specific heating. Because of this, processes can run to their optimum and lead times from production processes can be shortened. In the past years we have heard often from customers, that in the end also the scrap ratio in the production process is reduced drastically because of this achieved higher precision.

Ceramic infrared radiation as heaters

Next to the well-known quartz glass and stainless steels elements, Heating Group also delivers a wide range of ceramic infrared heaters. These ceramic infrared heaters are available in different powers. The matching reflectors are available in different versions.

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