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Plate heaters

Plate heaters are extremely suitable for local heating, and they distribute heat very evenly. The construction of these elements is identical to that of band elements. However, plate heating elements are flat or turned into an angle. Heating Group is specialized in custom made or bespoke heaters but also offers a wide standard range.

Technical advice

Plate heaters

Our plate heaters (also called plate heating elements) can be tailored to your needs. Of course, they can also be equipped with thermocouples, holes and so on. For a good heat transfer, it is important that the plate heater is clamped upon the object that is to be heated.  We can deliver the heaters with a clamp. Like our other products, these heaters can be completely tailored to your needs.

Application of plate heaters

Plate heaters are used on all kinds of flat heat transferring metal parts, such as machine parts (of f.e. plastics or rubber machines), moulds, seal bars, hot presses, tanks, hot plates, etc. These elements can be heated up to a maximum temperature of 400°C. These heating elements are a popular choice because of their optimal heat conduction and even heat distribution. Besides that, they have a high electric isolation value, they deliver constant performances during their lifetime, and they are easy to install.


Our heaters are produced custom-made. We can completely adjust them to your specific wishes.

Technical description

The mica plate heaters can be produced with different measures and different shapes. With the minimum measurements being 40 x 20 mm, the maximum width is 500mm. There is no limit to the length of the mica heaters. The holes and slot scan be custom made in the area of the element. The capacity is dependent on the project specifications with a maximum tax of around 3,5W/cm2. The maximum temperature is around 400 degrees Celsius.


Resistance wire
Made of nickel-chrome 80/20 DIN

Electric isolation


Outer sheath
Galvanized steel. Because of the good thermal conduction, this ensures an optimal heat dissipation

Connection cable
(Optional) fit for high temperatures. Internal conductors in nickled copper or pure nickel (for heavy application). Insulation by glass fibre and Teflon, outer sheath meets braided.

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