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Silicone heating mats

Silicone is a thin and light material with a low thermal mass. This way, the mat (provided it is fitted with the correct control and monitoring) always responds quickly to temperature fluctuations. Heating Group can produce silicone heating mats in almost any shape and size. This way we always achieve optimal coverage.

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Silicone heating mats of premium quality

Heating Group International develops and builds a range of premium quality silicone heating mats in-house.
We use silicone rubber to manufacture these mats. This material has excellent electrical properties, is resistant to high temperatures and resistant to many chemicals.

The elements are built up by laminating heating wires between layers of silicone rubber.

By adding glass fiber to the rubber, the silicone heating mats also gain a very high mechanical strength.

The internal resistance seams are distributed very evenly. This benefits the heat distribution. Moreover, the reaction speed is very high, due to the construction of the mats.

Heating mats customized

Heating Group can design the heating mats with holes or cut outs, without disturbing the even heat distribution. The silicone heating mats can be supplied both self-adhesive or non-adhesive.
The installation can be made easier by using clamps, hooks, Velcro, and so on.

A firm silicone layer

For mats that are used for fixed installation, we will opt for a firmer silicone layer, so that the elements have a longer life span.
Maximum temperature
The maximum allowed working temperature for silicone heating mats is 200°C. A short excess temperature up to 230°C is allowed.

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