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Tubular elements

Tubular elements can be bent into any desired shape. Heating Group offers an enormous variety of materials and diameters to choose from. We maintain short delivery times by keeping the materials in stock.

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Tubular elements

Closed tubular elements have a length of up to 6.000 mm and can be bent into any desired shape. These elements find their application in the plastics or rubber processing industry for heating flat plates, pipes, injection molding heads, hot air welding machines, or other places that are difficult to reach.

Heating Group tubular elements are available in an enormous variety of materials and diameters. Our standard range runs from Ø6.25 mm to Ø16 mm. To produce the elements, we have the following materials in stock:

  • AISI304
  • AISI316
  • Titanium
  • Incoloy600
  • Incoloy825
  • SMO254 

Sealing the heat elements

At last, in the production process the heating element is sealed to prevent that the magnesium oxide will absorb moist and therefore will cause a transition point in the heating element. There are two types of sealing used, it depends on the temperature it will work in and the medium. A silicone sealing can be used until 180 °C. A sealing of polyurethane has a maximum of 120 °C. However, silicones can only be used when it is continuously used without moist, because silicones are not diffusion free so the transfer of moist is not possible. Polyurethane is diffusion free and attaches well onto metal.

Tubular elements custom made

We design elements to measure on the basis of your specific requirements based on the given parameters by the customer, or calculated by ourselves, Heating Group designs length, shape, form, power and supply, off course if requested also including control.

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