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Roof heating

A heavy snow shower and severe frost can cause many problems and cause, among other things, considerable damage to roofs. In the Netherlands, we do not have many severe winters anymore, but heavy (unexpected) snowfall and periods of frost occur almost every year. In many countries, it is wise to take precautions against snowfall. Roof heating is an affordable and reliable solution to these problems.

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Roof heating

Roof heating is an important safety measure. The roofs in the Netherlands that comply with the building regulations are resistant to normal snowfall. However, when snow accumulates at certain points, there is still a risk of collapse. This danger occurs in situations where two roof slopes towards each other or when a high shed is adjacent to a lower shed. In these situations, it is important that these risks are properly assessed and appropriate precautionary safety measures are taken. The most economical solution in these cases is to install roof heating.

Types of roof heating

Roof heating can be divided into two types: roof heating itself and the heating of gutters and drains. Often these two types are combined to make sure the meltwater from the roof can be drained effortlessly through a snow- and ice-free gutter.

Roof heating is possible by means of heating mats and heating cables. At Heating Group, we prefer heating cables. The standard heating mats cannot be used on roofs because their power is too high. We have the right heating cables in stock as standard, so we are very flexible in our planning and can deliver and assemble quickly.

The heating cables are mounted on a steel net on the roof. Thanks to the smart control, the heating will only switch on when necessary. The sensor not only registers the temperature, but also the humidity. This way the moment of ice formation can be accurately determined.

Gutter heating

Gutter heating consists of a heating cable. Heating Group has its own range of high-quality heating cables. The standard range sizes are delivered directly from stock but customization is also possible.

Gutter heating can of course also be controlled by means of a sensor. The cable is laid flat on the bottom of the gutter so that the discharge of (melt)water is continuously possible.

Advice from experts

Heating Group International has been an expert in electrical heating of roofs, road surfaces, driveways and gutters for almost 25 years. Our technical advisers design the optimal solution for every situation. This way you are not only assured of a snow-free roof but also of a sustainable system. In our family business, we are always there for you. Our planning is flexible, and the mounting goes smoothly.

We are extremely proud of the quality we deliver and are therefore confident to give up to 20 years of warranty on our heating cables. This extended warranty applies when the heating cables are mounted by Heating Group and there is a service contract for an annual check-up.

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