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Cartridge Heaters

Technical advice

Cartridge heaters by Heating Group

Heating Group International delivers most types of cartridge heaters out of stock. When we have not made your particular design yet, and it is to us in that sense, not a standard, we design one fit for your purpose! The cartridge heaters are built in such a way that they are safe, sustainable, economic and environmentally friendly.

Application of Cartridge heaters

Cartridge heaters from Heating Group International can be applied in a very wide range of industries. Typical areas of use are foundries, synthetic industry, whereby moulds must be brought up to a certain temperature in a short period of time. Besides that, our cartridge heaters are typically used in the rubber, textile, packing, glazing industries.

Technical description

Cartridge heaters have a resistance wire wound on a ceramic core, which consists out of a high-quality alloy. Therefore, the cartridge heaters are suitable for use up until high temperatures. With a stainless-steel element outer sheet, it can be used at a temperature of 750°C, brass can be used at a temperature of 350°C. To have an optimal heat dissipation to the outer sheet, magnesium oxide is applied in a form of powder which is a great isolator in high temperatures. Cartridge heaters can be heavily loaded (until 50W/cm2), which makes it possible to locally reach a high power (until 3kW).


To guarantee a long lifetime and an optimal heating diffusion the cartridge heaters have been precisely ground on an H7- mould. The user or constructor should bear in mind using a cartridge heater, the hole must also fit the mould. When the heating diffusion is insufficient, the temperature in the cartridge heater will be too high which will burn the resistance wire. With a precise mould, the heat can transfer even better with the use of a mounting spray or mounting paste.

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