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Immersion heaters

An immersion heater consists of three parts: the heating elements (tubular elements), the screw plug and the connection box. The heating elements are connected to the plug by soldering or TIG welding. Because of this construction, a rather compact heating element is produced with an optimal heat transfer to the medium required to be heated.

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Immersion heaters

Immersion heaters are being used for the heating of water, oil, air and a variety of other fluids and gasses. The elements can be supplied with or without temperature control and safety thermostats in the connection box. The thermostats (both the control thermostat and high-temperature thermostat) can be 1 pole or 3 pole devices.

Immersion heaters can be supplied in nearly any power rating and supply voltage. We carry an extensive range of standard products on the most commonly used immersion heaters.

These elements are available with screw plugs in stainless steel or bronze and several standard inch sizes, like 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3. The elements are standard available in Incoloy, nickeled copper, Inconel and Stainless Steel.

Removable immersion heaters are designed to heat liquid in open tanks with low or variable liquid level, such as in degreasing baths process or surface treatment.

Adapted to process requirements and dimensional constraints, these removable devices allow vertical (wall) or horizontal (bottom) heating.

For low-level tanks, removable immersion heaters consist of removable heating elements formed from tube Ø 6.5 – 8.5 – 10 – 16 mm equipped with an adequate non-heated length.

The electrical conductors connecting the heater to the electrical junction box, are inserted into a stainless-steel tube. This solution enables the coupling 1Ph or 3Ph, star or delta to be done in the electrical box.

Next to the above-mentioned tubular elements, removable immersion heaters can also consist of glass, porcelain, stainless steel or titan tubes fitted with ceramic elements. These elements are predominantly used for the heating of aggressive liquids. For this specific use, Heating Group International. also offers Teflon coated immersion heaters specially designed for use in very aggressive and corrosive areas.

Next to the standard range of immersion heaters, many tailor-made solutions are possible, e.g., heaters with built-in temperature control or a version with multiple elements. The possibilities are endless. Why don’t you just contact us to go through the requirements of your project?

Heating Group immersion heaters are of course also available in explosion-proof execution and/or as UL/CSA elements.

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