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Fan heaters

A fan heater creates quickly and easily comfortable condition in construction sites, in production environments, stables, sheds, garages and in any other place where a comfortable temperature and humidity are of importance to the well-being of its users. In larger spaces, the air movement ensures an even heat transfer. All fan heaters are supplied with an integrated thermostat which ensures that the heater does not use more energy than necessary. These heaters also have a built-in five-position switch with which the amount of air and the heat can be adjusted.

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Benefits of fan heaters

Fan heaters are because of their low weight easy to handle and to carry. That is the reason that our fan heaters are as often used as fixed heaters in for examples garages and warehouses as they are used for conveyable use at for example construction sites.

The electro-galvanized and powder coated housing of the Heating Group FH fan heater is corrosion-proof and very robust. The heating elements are constituted of stainless steel 304. The heater is equipped with a strong metal tubular frame, which ensures a steady placing of the heater and which gives protection when transported.

Because the heaters are equipped with a splash waterproof housing, they can be used in both dry and moist areas. Each fan heater is equipped as a standard with a built-in room thermostat and temperature control. The heater is furthermore equipped with a five-position switch.

The FH fan heaters are low maintenance. After a longer period of use, it can however be necessary to clean it with compressed air.

The fan heater can be placed directly on the floor through the tubular frame. With an optional set of wall brackets, the heater can be placed against the wall.

The Heating Group FH series; ideal for dry, clean and swift heating. Always in stock, so no delays in the deliveries. Our fan heaters are available in powers from 2kW up to 24kW.

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