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Finned Tube Air Heaters

Heating Group International has a range of standard finned tube air heaters, the Heating Group International range CB. Of course, next to that, we also have other voltages and powers available. Please ask us for the possibilities.


Technical advice

Finned tube air heaters

Finned tube air heaters are constructed as an electrical heated tube, which diffuses their heat naturally through convection. Because of its construction, this finned tube air heater is robust and fully maintenance-free. With the development, they made sure it was a compact heater with a high amount of power.

The CB series finned tube air heaters are most commonly used for space heating, additional heating, frost-free keeping, anti-condensation, but can of course be used in much more areas.

Finned tube air heaters for industrial areas

The convector is shockproof because of the closed tubular heating element and has a sustainable, hard power coated protective layer. The assembly is IP54. Without a thermostat this is IP65. Finned tube air heaters are often placed in moist rooms and industrial environments with high demands such as elevator shafts, in ships, in drying rooms, but also at gas stations and pump rooms.

The benefits

  • It is always available in our stock with a big range of power
  • Better heat release than for example stainless steel
  • Robust
  • Rotatable connection box
  • More compact than the average in the market

Installation and maintenance

Mounting is possible on the floor or wall.

The mounting height has to be at least 1,8 meters in public areas unless only qualified personnel can enter. The connection box is rotatable, and therefore the installation is very flexible.

  • Connection according to NEN101 and the locally applicable regulations.
  • Grounding required
  • The heater has to be kept free from dust and dirt and should not be covered
Adviseur Finned Tube Air Heaters

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