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Our specialists design customized heating solutions. This is not just about achieving the desired temperature within all preconditions. Together with you we think about the optimization of your processes. Which parameters can make the difference? Perhaps you can increase flow rates, improve temperature accuracy, reduce maintenance costs or save energy.

To optimize your processes, we think in integrated solutions: heaters and their control. That is unique. We are both product specialists and engineers. We make the design, but also build the control panels. We deliver the heaters, but also integrate them into your installation.

All components are aligned, and the complete solution is tailored to your process. We take care of the design, production and installation or commissioning.

Our team of engineers supports the whole process from the first calculation up to commissioning. It often starts with a visit. If the solution as proposed by our engineers is accepted, we will start with the design. In most of the cases we do this in our 3D software. For ramp-heating projects however, we are still using CAD as the whole market does. When the drawing is approved, we will start the manufacturing and deliver the heater to the client. And, if desired, we assist with the commissioning.

Naturally, we conform to the standards of your organization. You would not be the first client to consider our solutions as the standard. Heating from Heating Group International: reassuring security in environments in which reliability, continuity and safety are of the utmost importance. Indeed. When reliability matters.