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With the unique Quicknovation concept, Heating Group International has built a strong production department since 2012. With the decades of knowledge and experience, Heating Group identified the key interests of the customers: (semi-) bespoke products at a quick delivery time.

Quicknovation: speed and design

Heating Group International is a leading Dutch manufacturer of industrial electrical (process) heating systems and is the market leader in duct air heaters. In 2018 we presented our QuicknovationTM  concept. Quicknovation is a combination of bespoke design and standardized components, based on Heating Group components. The main advantage?  The speed with which we can deliver all types of custom built heaters. That gives you the flexibility and reliability you need.

Quicknovation is not just a product, it's a solution!

We guarantee the right temperature for your process by implementing the right heating solution. We fully understand the importance of reliable heating for the continuity of your process. That's why we don't see ourselves as just the supplier of a product. We are on a reliability mission. When reliability matters. That is our philosophy and the reason clients are loyal to us. It is because of this philosophy and the way we handle projects from engineering to implementation, we earned the trust of many companies in the oil and gas sector, the industry, ship building and construction markets. Our QuicknovationTM  concept which we introduced together with our continuously enhanced production facilities and product range, is a complete solution which goes beyond the traditional Lean Management. In the end, it will even go further than Quick Response Manufacturing.  We now use our QuicknovationTM  concept for all newly developed products.

Heating products

Air duct heaters, finned tube heaters, convector heaters, immersion and fan heaters. You can recognize these products by their QuicknovationTM logo.

Download our Quicknovation brochure: