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Heating solutions in the food industry

In the food industry, the right temperature is often essential, both in the storage and in the production lines. Generally, bespoke heating solutions are needed, in which many factors play a role. In addition to customized heating solutions, temperature monitoring often plays a major role in the food industry.

In automated production lines e.g. syrups, fats or oils, the temperature must remain constant. At a precise and stable temperature, quantities can be measured more accurately, the quality of the components is maintained and the quality of the finished product is increased.

Heat loss on tanks and lines is an important factor in the development of a heating system. These must be calculated correctly in advance for the engineering to start. Different types of heating solutions are available. To achieve the best solution, it is important to take all aspects into account.

Heating systems by Heating Group

Heating Group offers a wide range of electric heating solutions for the food industry. For example, heating elements (for electric ovens, immersion elements, heat tracing and silicone heating mats) are used. Our consultants are specialized in designing bespoke solutions.

Heating Group produces and supplies electrical heating products for the food industry.

We design and manufacture our heating solutions ourselves. Because our sales department, engineering and production work at the same location, there is instant consultation. This is reflected in the high quality of our products, the short delivery time and the clear communication.

Need advice on possible heating solutions? Please feel free to contact our specialists by using our contact form.