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Founding Buveco bv

Mr A.J.A. Buve founded Buveco in 1983. The company mainly focused on gas detection and stainless steel cable ladders. After some time electric heating was added, and later on, after customer requests, also polyester cabinets. Buveco went through a turbulent development. The company initially grew very fast. There was even a subsidiary established in India in the nineties. After the Bhopal disaster, there was a big market for gas detection systems.

The creation of Buveco Instruments bv

However, sales dropped in the late nineties. In the end, part of the company was sold to management team by a management buy-out. Buveco Gasdetectie bv and Buveco instruments bv were created. The latter focused on electric heating, especially for offshore applications. Also the stainless steel cable ladders, which were developed by mr Buve in cooperation with the NAM, and the polyester cabinets stayed within the product range of Buvecon Instruments. The cable ladders where mainly used for companies in the offshore industry. However, other appealing projects were also executed. The London Eye is equipped with Buveco cable ladders tracks for example.

The logo of Buveco Instruments

When the oil price was under pressure in the late 1990s and early 2000s due to the oil crisis, Buveco Instruments had to be downsized even further. It shifted it's focus to petrochemicals for the heaters and to water treatment and infrastructure for the polyester cabinets, but they were no longer able to realize the growth.

Acquisition by Heating Group International

Buveco Instruments was taken over by Heating Group International in 2006. Since then, Heating Group has further expanded the electric heating package (including heat tracing, ramp heating, silicone heating mats and screw-in elements) and has opened up new industries. The company started to grow again. Due to the exponential growth, a larger building was needed in 2009. After the start on Alfred Nobelstraat, the building on Jan van der Heijdenstraat had been used for years. Now we moved to the Van der Waalsstraat.

The building at the Van der Waalsstraat.

We could deliver products from stock even quicker from this building. Moreover, this building was much more representative, with a fully equipped showroom too.

In 2012 we fully integrated Buveco Instruments into Heating Group International and the company name disappeared. Of course we kept using the brand name. Particularly for the cable ladders, since with those Buveco are on the vendor list of almost every major oil & gas company. If an extension takes place on a drilling platform in the North Sea, Buveco cable ladders are almost always the standard.

In 2012, the company also moved to Wijchen in order to add even more value for our customers with a central warehouse and central production.

Focus on (ATEX) heaters

In the meantime the cabinet activity has been sold to the German company Schramm GmbH and Buveco focused even more on (ATEX) heaters for the industry. Buveco's customers remain loyal to the brand. Still, companies regularly ask for a Buveco heater. They are still available of course!