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Jirlumar's history

In 1977, Jirlumar bv was founded by Hans van Eijk. It was located in Tegelen (near Venlo) until the takeover. Under his leadership, the company developed into a leading player in the field of electric heating. His first all-electric home dates from the 1990s! Since the founding of Jirlumar it has been the sole representation of the French manufacturer Groupe Muller in the Netherlands. This is the second largest producer of electric convectors and radiant panels, with brands as Noirot, Applimo, Airelec and Campa.

The package includes electric convectors, radiant panels, bathroom heating, infrared heaters, floor heating mats, storage heaters, boilers and hand dryers. In addition, with the CAMPA brand, they carry a premium range of panels. More information can be found on the website.

Jirlumar has always been the leading company in supplying holiday parks. You will hardly encounter a park in the Netherlands where they don't use their panels. The company has for years been a member of RECRON, the industry association for recreation companies. Jirlumar is still an important name there. They also had a showroom where private individuals came for advice almost every day. Orders were taken there, from both business customers and private individuals.

Acquisition by Heating Group International

Since the company was integrated into Heating Group International b.v. in 2008 the focus shifted to installers and construction companies. In addition to the ramp heating, Jirlumar offers a wide range of electric heating to this share of the market.

The current activities mainly focus on the mentioned installers and also on project construction. If ten houses are being built all electrically somewhere, then Jirlumar is the right party! We no longer serve private customers. We refer these to our dealers in the country or to our installers. This way everyone continues to do what they do best.