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The history of Voltanova

In 1998, Voltanova bv was founded by Mr. Symen Schoustra in Burgum. Voltanova was focused on chalk removing equipment and legionella bacteria detecting. In addition, however, there was a substantial part of business in electric heating too: both convectors and heating cable for inside and outside use (f.e. for ramp heating).

In 2007 Voltanova and Heating Group crossed paths. Mr. Schoustra was looking for someone who wanted to take over his activities in the field of electric heating. For Heating Group this was a nice addition to the workload for their technician who had just been hired for the installation of ramps. Heating Group bought the electric heating activities from Voltonavo through an asset deal and acquired the right to use this name exclusively for a period of 36 months.

In the meantime Voltanova is active again in electric heating, as an independent company, again led by Mr. Schoustra. A number of products, like finned tube heaters and convectors, are being ordered from Heating Group. Voltanova hasn't been active in the area of ramp heating ever since. Heating Group International is the Dutch market leader in this segment and serves the market in Benelux and Germany with both delivery and installation.