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Heating products for shipbuilding

Heating Group International has been supplying reliable electric heating products and complete heating systems to the shipping industry for years. Many European shipping companies and shipyards are among our regular customers. We are a manufacturer and supplier within all branches of shipbuilding, including commercial yacht building, cruise ship construction, oil tankers, cargo ships and navy ships.

Reliable quality delivered quickly.

The reliability of our products is one of the reasons why our customers choose us. When a ship is on the other side of the world and has problems with a heater, it is very expensive to have a mechanic fly in.
The same applies to, for example, the LNG tankers where our heaters are used to allow the ship to safely enter the port. If that is not possible, it often costs a lot of money.

In addition, at Heating Group we understand the importance of a fast delivery time within the shipbuilding industry. When the ship is temporarily docked and a repair or replacement has to take place, you want to be able to rely on timely delivery of the components.
That is why we have developed the Quicknovation concept. Now we can produce the desired customer-specific solution much faster using standardized elements from our stock. Production can start immediately after receiving the order, the production time is reduced and therefore we can deliver quickly.

Our products are specially designed for application at sea. In most cases there will be moist areas, a greater risk of corrosion due to the influence of saltwater, sometimes the environment is hazardous, and the heating systems must be able to withstand continuous vibration. All these points (and more) were carefully considered while designing the products. No matter how complicated a heating problem is, our specialists will be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution for your situation. Because we believe in customization.

Heating products for shipbuilding

  • Finned tube heaters
    Our finned tube heaters are available in both a normal and an ATEX version with various power outputs. We improved the design of our finned tube heaters so it provides various additional benefits to our customers:
    - By limiting the length as much as possible, we use less material, this limits the costs of material, and this is reflected in our quotations.
    - We have designed a rotatable connection housing so that the heaters can even be used in very tight spaces. This way you can always reach the connection easily.
  • Fan heaters
    We can quickly deliver our fan heaters (like many other products) because we keep the various components in stock. The standard built-in thermostat prevents that more energy is used than necessary and ensures that the rooms are always kept at the right temperature. We believe that functional items can be pleasing to the eye, so all our products have a beautiful design.
  • Tracing
    On ships, the pipes must be kept frost-free to prevent damage to the pipes. A broken pipe can lead to a lot of damage! Keeping
    them frost-free is usually achieved with heating cables. Heating Group developed several variants of these cables so that we can work with the most ideal cable in every situation.
  • Duct heaters
    These are used in shipbuilding in the HVAC systems (pre- or post-heating of air ducts). Heating Group produces a standard range of products which we can deliver quickly because we keep them in stock. We are also
    a specialist in custom work and we can provide the perfect pre- or post-heaters for both new construction and renovation projects within shipbuilding.
  • Floor heating mats
    Underfloor heating is being used more and more in shipbuilding as it is a very comfortable way of heating. Especially in wheelhouses and living areas people tend to choose
    for underfloor heating more often.

Of course, there are a lot of other applications for electric heating in shipbuilding and shipping. Is your heating problem not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist for a reliable and custom-made solution.