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Teflon immersion heaters

Teflon immersion heaters are, due to their construction, extremely suitable for direct heating of chemical or aggressive liquids up to approximately 12o°C. These heaters can be placed directly into the liquid. HGI Teflon immersion heaters are available from 0.5 to 15kW, 23oV and 3x400V and various versions. 


Technical advice

Teflon immersion heaters are applied for the heating of aggressive liquids. Because of the Teflon coating these elements are well suited for such surroundings. Even the most acidic baths can be heated with Heating Group Teflon immersion heaters.

Heating Group mostly delivers Teflon elements in a flat execution. These are put on the bottom of a tank. Because of this shape we often name these elements Teflon immersion heaters.

The Teflon immersion heaters are off course available in other shapes, such as a cylindrical execution.

The heating elements have been provided with a Teflon coating. This is the exact same for the connection cable. This exists out of a cold part which can be submerged in liquids, and it also has a part which should stay out of the liquid.

Because of the way these elements are build the mounting is easy. Moreover, these elements can be easily pulled out of the liquids, so it can be rinsed. This deserves absolute recommendation!
In for example an application in a paint or passivating container often particles precipitate on the element. Therefor the heat dissipation is reduced.

Our engineers calculate based on your data of the medium, the composition of the Teflon coating on the Teflon immersion heater. This coating ensures the resistance to aggressive liquids.

Heating Group also makes their own control panes with these heating elements.

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