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Circulation heaters

Heating Group designs and delivers electric circulation heaters in power outputs to 5MW, supply up to 3x690V, flanges up to DN500, pressures up to 600bar. These heaters can be used in the entire general industry for various applications. But next to these customer-specific units, Heating Group also carries a wide range of standardized circulation units.

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Circulation heaters

Circulation heaters are very efficient in heating water, thermal oil and other liquids or air and gasses (like LNG or nitrogen) or even steam. A circulation heater consists of a vessel in which a flanged immersion heater is mounted. By forcing the medium along with the heating elements of the heater, it is reaching the desired temperature very quickly. The circulation heaters can be produced in steel, various stainless steels (304, 316, titanium), Incoloy, and all other sorts of metal which can be found standard on the market (recently Heating Group International supplied a circulation heater in duplex steel).

Control of a circulation heater

Circulation heaters should be controlled accurately. Circulation heaters are often controlled with solid states or thyristor control devices. Heating Group International are able to design and build a control system that will meet the customers’ requirements.


Heating Group International are able to supply a complete range of EX circulation heaters also, please look at our website under the menu explosion-proof for an idea of our range in ATEX heaters.


In every industrial area a safe choice

In logistics and production areas tracing, process or space heating is an important factor. Everywhere where the temperature is an essential parameter, Heating Group International offers the solution with electric heating. With our systems, you always have the temperature completely under control. It is an uttermost trustworthy and safe (ATEX if you want) part of your process.

We deliver a variety of heating solutions. There is always a custom way to your question.

  • Complete solutions for clients who put the responsibility for hardware and control with an expert.
  • Quick delivery of standard and custom-made components for installers and technical services who are responsible for service and maintenance.
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