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Explosion-proof Duct Heaters

Explosion-proof Duct Heaters, customized to your needs with powers up to 5MW. Heating Group International has been a renowned supplier of explosion-proof heating solutions. We have a perfect solution for every purpose.

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Explosion-proof Duct Heaters

Explosion-proof air duct heaters are commonly used at low pressure (<0.2 bar). The concept of this heater is to use forced convection in order to heat up quickly, equally in a specified place. Heating Group® air duct heaters are used for heating air-conditionings, buildings, storage areas, LNG tankers, air handling units, and so on.

Air and gas (e.g., argon or nitrogen) in industrial and hazardous areas can be heated with these explosion-proof air duct heaters. Because of the construction of the heater, they are especially suitable to reach high-temperature transfers.

The temperature rating of the tubular elements which are inside of this product is depending on the desired temperature of the outflow, the watt density, the type of gas and the flow rate.

Depending on the specifications, explosion-proof air duct heaters are designed to be used in hazardous areas and are therefore equipped with one or more junction boxes “d” of aluminum coated steel or stainless-steel complying with the EN60079-1 (flameproof) or even with an “e” junction box in stainless steel IP55 complying to EN60079-7 (increased safety).

The explosion-proof air duct heaters which Heating Group markets, are by its fabricators certified under D-e “LCIE 01 ATEX 6044X.

Together with our engineering department you choose the material, T-class, zone, (temperature) controls and security you want and need. Heating Group can supply air duct heaters up to powers of 5MW.

For every purpose the perfect solution!

Please contact us through e-mail or by phone at +31 24 34 34 222 if you want to know more about the explosion-proof air duct heaters or any other product from our vast portfolio or if want us to visit you regarding a particular project or if you just would like more information on our products, we look forward serving you!

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