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Heat tracing cables

Heating Group International offers a very wide high-quality range of heat tracing cables and mats for pipe, tank, barrel and container heating, of course including the necessary ancillaries and control devices. Heating cables are used as frost protection of pipes, barrels and tanks and for maintaining process temperatures in industrial areas. Of course, our range of heat tracing cable also consists of explosion-proof cables.

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Heat tracing cables

Heat tracing cables (also called heating cables or heating tape) are used worldwide for frost protection. This happens, for example, with sprinkler heads or water pipes and they are also used for process heating. Heating cables are used in the food industry, at oil refineries and in petrochemicals. Our engineers can offer you the best technical solution. In addition to supplying the heating cable, we also make the calculation and design of the heating installation. If desired, we also assist by assembling the cables. The electric cables can of course be supplied with a Heating Group control system.

If you want to include the heat tracing into your design, feel free to use our specification texts. You can download them here, or you can contact our heat tracing specialist by filling out a contact form.

Electrical heat tracing is being used in the industry, marine and offshore and utility, amongst others. The heat tracing cables can be used for frost protection or to maintain temperatures. It is important to know that some of the cables cannot be used in all applications. Our heat tracing specialist is happy to advise you about the possibilities.

Parallel self-limiting heating cable

The self-limiting heating cable can adapt its power because of the semi-conductive self-limiting core. So, if the temperature in the conduit increases, the power output of the cable lowers and when the temperature lowers, the power output increases. This way, the cable cannot be overheated, not even when the cable crosses itself.

The self-limiting cable can be cut to any length. The maximum temperature is 300°C. This cable is being used for frost protection and process heating.

Parallel constant power heating cable

The constant power heating cable has constant power output. Because the power output does not change, the cable cannot cross itself. If it does, the cable could get overheated. We also advise thermostatically control these cables. This kind of cable cannot be cut to length because of the independent groups inside the cable.

Heating Group International supplies constant power heating cables with a maximum temperature up to 350°C. These cables can be used for frost protection or process heating.

Serial heating cable

The serial heating cable can be delivered at any length with constant power output. This is one of the benefits of serial heating cables: lengths up to 12 kilometers are possible. Another benefit is the maximum temperature. It ranges up to 600°C. The serial heating cable is mostly used in the industry for process heating.

Mineral insulated heating cable

The mineral insulated heating cables (MI cables) are designed to reach high temperatures. They are equipped with metal sheaths. The MI cable can reach temperatures up to 600°C. Heating Group International delivers MI cables with sheaths made of copper, copper-nickel and stainless steel.

Almost all the electrical heat tracing products supplied by Heating Group International are provided with the ATEX 94/9/EG certificate. This means the products can be applied within explosive environments.


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