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Cast heater

Cast heaters are a safe and efficient integrated solution for heating a gas process or for heating corrosive liquids and suitable for high process pressures. There are multiple benefits when using cast heaters over traditional heaters. For example, the indirect heating and precise temperature control.

Technical advice

HGI Cast heater

HGI cast heaters are a safe and efficient integrated solution for heating a gas process (O2, Ar, N2). Corrosive liquids can also be heated, especially when higher temperatures of the heating elements are not preferred. The cast heater was primarily developed as a seal gas heater which has a high operating pressure combined with a low flow rate.

Applications of cast heaters

  • Heating O2, Ar, N2, CO and CO2 gasses and corrosive liquids, compressed air, steam, superheated water, balm

  • Seal gas heating

  • Defrosting of ambient air evaporator

HGI Cast heater design

The moulded construction offers great advantages over traditional heaters. Heating gasses using cast heaters prevents overheating of the electrical heating elements. The spiral coil and the heating elements are cast in an aluminium block, which serves as a heat transfer medium between the heating elements and the spiral transport tube (coil). The liquid to be heated never comes into contact with the heating elements. This flows through the transport tube and is heated to a controlled set point. The aluminium mass retains heat accurately and consistently, ensuring optimal control of the temperature level. This efficient heat conduction also extends the life of the embedded heating elements. To prevent heat loss, the aluminium block is thermally insulated and contained in a metal protective casing.

Main benefits of HGI cast heaters

  • Cost-efficient
  • Indirect heating
  • Precise temperature control
  • Suitable for high process pressures
  • Heater performance cannot be affected by no-flow conditions
  • Compact size with a smaller footprint
  • Easy to clean
  • Hazardous area certified according to Atex or CSA with temperature class T6 to T1, gas group Exd IIB or IIC

Technical specifications

We design the coil according to ASME VIII div.1 pressure up to 500 bar and a maximum aluminium block temperature of +/- 350 degrees C.

The cast heater is positioned vertically on a footprint, cast heater diameter maximum 500 mm and height approx. 2200 mm. 

Use up to approx. 200 kW at 3 x 380V, 3 x 400V and 3 x 690V other voltages on request. Min. working pressure: 2 bar (g).

HGI cast heaters are designed for O2 according to AFGC N ° 174-08 and EIGA Doc13 / 12 / E.

Temperature regulation

The heater is equipped with sensors with which both the temperature of the aluminium housing (TE411) and the process temperature of the inlet (TE401) and outlet (TE402) can be controlled. These sensors can of course be individually removed and replaced without draining the system. The whole is protected against overheating.

Materials of the cast heaters

High-pressure design up to 500 bar (g) on ​​request. We have a wide variety of materials for the heating coil (coil) such as stainless steel 316, Incoloy 800 and 825, Inconel 600 and 625 and further Hastelloy C 276. Other materials on request, carbon steel coils are not used. The material of the elements is stainless steel 316Ti.

Control panels for cast heaters

Heating Group has its own panel building department. Our specialists’ design and produce custom control panels for every desired heater. The HGI control panels for cast heaters guarantee stable and accurate process temperature control at a constant or fluctuating medium flow during heating.

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