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Duct heaters

The Heating Group International duct heaters have been designed specifically for air heating in general, air-conditioning systems, HVAC systems, Space heating, process air heating, drying and curing. But, of course, there are many more applications.


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Duct heaters 

Heating Group International produces a full range of square and round duct heaters, which can be made to measure in all sorts, measurements, power outputs, supplies and materials. Our standard range products comprise of a spiro pipe with a heating element and of course control from our own production. Our heating elements are for this application mostly from AISI304 and ∅12,5mm, but of course, AISI321 or others are also possible. In our warehouse we keep stock from heaters ∅100mm up to and including ∅400mm and from 500W to 12kW.

As the majority of the products Heating Group International are supplying, these heaters are not standard products but are built in our own workshop in Wijchen in the Netherlands, specified to your situation. Our standard duct heaters are normally always available from stock. For duct heaters produced on customer specification, we need of course a certain lead time in order to be able to produce a quality product.

In the past years, we have seen that our products are relatively often used in combination with heat recovery, WCS systems (warm-cold-stock), climate control and ventilation systems.

Of course, heating Group International also supplies these duct heaters in an explosion-proof version! 

To optimize your processes, we think of integral solutions: heaters and the control. Which is unique. We are both product specialists and engineers. We make the design, but we also build the control panels. We deliver the heaters, but also integrate these into your installation. All parts are made for each other, and the complete solution is made for your process. Design, production and installation has been taken care of by us.

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