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History of MechaHeat

MechaHeat was founded in Oss in 1996 by registering with the Chamber of Commerce. The first employees had many years of experience in the heating business gathered through working in various other companies in this industry. As a result, MechaHeat had the know-how from the beginning and partnerships with standing factories. MechaHeat has always profiled itself as a brand-independent company and has always provided the best heating solutions to its customers. MechaHeat was mainly active in the process industry, the food industry, the (petro)chemical industry, the machine-building industry and to a lesser extend also in the commercial industry.

MechaHeat office in Oss

The company started at the Molenstraat in Oss, sharing a building with an insurance company and an employment agency. Within 2 years, MechaHeat moved to the building next door, where it had offices on the first and second floor. Unfortunately, the stock that had since been built up was being kept at another address. They moved to another building at the Dommelstraat in Oss on an industrial estate. Finally, a private hall where employees could also assemble. The goods could be stored here and the entire logistic handling could take place here.

Acquisition by Heating Group International

MechaHeat became a part of Heating Group International in 2005. Growth really accelerated then. We have made big steps in the commercial building sector, among others. Here the foundation was laid for the current market leadership in ramp heating. Because of the growth, we had to move to a larger building in 2005 again. The new address was Bijsterhuizen in Wijchen, where a 2-story office and a much larger hall were rented.

More assembly work could now be carried out in this hall. In addition, MechaHeat was now capable to supply ATEX products from stock. That led to new strong growth.

Ramp heating and control panels

MechaHeat started installing ramp heating and tracing with its own staff in 2007. The first mechanic was hired that year. Currently, we have three installation teams and we install over 100 ramp heating projects per year.

In 2010 we started with the design and construction of our own control panels. First for ramp heating, later on also for the process heaters. Although the economy was in a crisis and growth slowed down, MechaHeat continued to develop and in 2012 there was once again a need to move to larger premises. In a neighbouring part of Bijsterhuizen, a building was available that was about 3 times the size. We moved to this new building.

The new location at Bijsterhuizen in Wijchen.

The neighbouring premise was added in 2017. Due to the continuously developing and growing in-house production, we are slowly running out of space again.