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Non-residential building

Heating systems in non-residential building

Heating Group International has effective heating solutions for floors and pavements, pipes and rooms. Solutions that are used in parking garages of offices and apartment complexes, public parking garages and in logistics warehouses.

Heating systems in non-residential building

  • Ramps need to be protected against freezing, from loading dock to wheelchair ramp. With our ramp heating we ensure an extremely effective and efficient solution. The electric heating is easy to maintain. The system switches on automatically if the weather conditions require so. This means the system only switches on around the freezing point and when moist is detected.
  • Pipelines must be kept at a certain temperature and / or freezing must be prevented.
  • Rooms must be heated or maintained at a certain temperature. From technical room to additional space. Our electric heaters provide the desired temperature.

More and more architects, installers and end users choose our solutions. This has to do with the high quality and reliability of the components used. But also, with our way of working. Our flexibility and expertise make us a pleasant partner in every project.

We provide standard specification texts especially for tendering and the preparation of projects. This allows you to quickly and easily specify the exact right products. A guarantee that everyone has the same expectations of the heating solutions.

Complete heating solutions

Wherever surfaces or pipes need to be heated, Heating Group International offers the solution. A complete solution: we do not only supply the heating components, but we also design and supply the measurement and control technology. As a specialist, we can give you expert advice on any project and support you with the engineering. In fact, we have our own installation team, which is responsible for installing ramp heating and tracing. A good reason for architects to include our solutions in their specifications. For installers this makes the difference between a supplier and a partner.

That is how we like to work with you: as partners. It takes more than a good product. We try to support you the best we can in all phases of the project. Sometimes with a small service - for example, personal engineering advice. Other times with a commercial solution - such as a competitive offer. Or with a sample of cooperation - by keeping a stock of parts especially for you. The better we know each other, the more we can do for you. Our products are bespoke and so is our service.

Your client will also appreciate the choice of Heating Group International. We even provide a 20-year warranty on our solutions, provided they are installed and maintained by our specialists.